Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

     So for those of you that haven't heard the latest we now have a little farm in the south valley!  This truly has been another one of Gods ways of really blessing us!  The farm will also be a little blessing to the bed and breakfast as well. We actually moved all of our chickens there and are still getting eggs from them for ourselves as well as the bed and breakfast. In fact we are getting a little better production because they have a little more space!  I also will be adding a few more as well. Around the end of April I received in the mail 40 new babies. We did loose a few but at this time they are all getting big and if all goes well will be adding eggs to those of some of my older more mature hens. I also have made an amazing garden as well from corn, beans, spinach, lettuce, beets, squash, cucumbers,watermelons and cantaloupes!  At this time I am getting tons of squash. In fact I am getting enough to share, something I LOVE to do. Two other additions to my little farm are horses for my kids and me to enjoy, thanks Mom and Dad!  And one of my greatest treasures I have added is a beautiful registered cow and her baby named Sarah.
     So now that I have given you a few updates to the latest in my life continue to check in often and I will be letting you in on all the latest as well as any other things I will be doing such as recipes and I am so excited about some canning projects I plan to do with all my great garden produce!

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